Since being mostly a mail order business for over 40 years, we have received a multitude of wonderful notes, letters and now emails, telling how our products have been used or how they have helped. We would love to add your story, as to what any of our products have meant to you. Below are a few excerpts dating way back to almost our beginning…depending on how far back you want to read.  We call this section:


August 16, 2013

“It is rare today to find any item like the “Adam and Eve Family Tree” chart, so detailed with Biblical references for every name. Also the fact that it comes in laminated heavy paper, so it will last decades to come.

When we first ordered one, about sixteen years ago, we realized that Christians would love to have their own to share. But it was when we donated our first one to our Church, we came to realize that not one person had any idea that it existed. At that point, it was put on our hearts, to start donating the chart to various Churches and Christian Schools across America and then around the World.

We also found that many stores carried the 27” X 40” frames that could easily fit the chart for presentations and Bible studies.

We were excited that the chart had been put into Spanish in 2010. This opened up a whole new avenue to share with fellow Spanish speaking Christians.

The usual response from those we donated to is that they are astounded that such a chart even exists, especially in foreign countries, where visual Biblical resources are rare.”

Ed and Connie Laurent

Camp Verde, Arizona


August 8, 2013

“It must have been about 20 years at least, on a visit to the Bible League head office in Australia that we happened to see an Adam and Eve chart on the back of a door.  We were immediately fascinated and delighted with this amazing work and all the research that had obviously been involved in its production.  Naturally we just had to obtain one, and ever since it has been mounted on a board and hung on our wall.  Apart from being a quick reference for finding Bible characters we have also been able to use it as a witnessing tool.  Many folk can become not only interested but obsessed with their ‘family tree’ whereupon we say someone else worked ours out for us right down to our elder brother, and we introduce them to the chart and to its wonderful climax the Lord Jesus Christ our savior.

Since getting our own chart our thoughts turned to giving to others, so over the intervening years we have distributed them, mainly to pastors at various conferences etc. and to countries such as England, Scotland, Wales, New Zealand, Burma, Australia of course, and just this year (2013) to Conrad Mbewe a grand minister from Zambia.  Mostly we have given anonymously so do not get personal feedback, but have just left this with the Holy Spirit.

We highly recommend the chart to all, and wish this ministry every blessing.”

Two Australian Christians, Eddie and Prue

Old Bar (a small town on the East coast of Australia)

April 28, 2010

Petit Update – Building Progress

“…Two weeks ago we finished the electrical installations for our church in Tamazula.  Last week and this week we have been working on the wood wall that closes up the end of the church and absorbs sound to reduce echo.  The wall is about half way done, we hope to finish it by the end of next week.

We have been teaching about the genealogy of Jesus for the past several weeks using a very beautiful and helpful chart… The chart begins with Adam and Eve and from there it works its way straight down to Jesus showing how the prophecies were fulfilled through Him.  The teachings have produced a lot of good questions that have allowed us to help solidify the believers’ faith in the creation, the word of God, and their purpose in Christ.  We have included pictures of the chart during our teaching time and being presented to pastor Ernesto and his wife to be placed on the wall of the church (once there is a wall).”

The Petits

Guasave, Sinaloa, Mexico

Petits Testimonial PhotoPetits Testimonial Photo 2


July 14, 2008

“Thank you so much for the laminated wall chart of the Adam & Eve Family Tree!  It is so awesome – I love it!”

S. Phillips

Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma

Church and Family Equipping Team Leader


February 23, 2007

“Thirty years ago a man in our Bible Study Class bought your Adam and Eve Family Tree Chart and he passed it on to me.  I just LOVE it!!!

Seventeen years ago I had it framed and put it in my living room in my God Corner.  People marvel at it and it is invaluable during Bible Study!!

A friend wants one and we decided to find you on the internet and we are elated that you are still selling them…this will bless soooooo many!!”

P.J. Thompson

Emporia, Kansas


February 19, 2007

“We have been patients of Dr. Charles Barg in Little Rock, Arkansas for many years.  In his office we have admired this beautiful piece of work on one of his walls every time we are there.  It is called the Adam and Eve Family Tree…It is the best study piece we have ever seen in our life.  It would be so helpful in studying our bibles.”

E. and D. Reed

Greenbrier, Arkansas


September 4, 2006

“I had one of the Adam and Eve Family Tree charts & had it hanging in my Sunday school classroom.  I referred to it frequently.  We suffered tremendous damage with hurricane Ivan and one of the casualties of the storm was my Adam and Eve Family Tree chart.  At least once every other week I say “if I had the chart…”  You are definitely an answered prayer!!!

There was so much work that went into this project and it is so informative and well illustrated it is something all Bible students should have access to.”

L. Dudley

Foley, Alabama


September 4, 2006

“I am always looking for a better way to communicate God’s Word and its content.  When I came across the Adam and Eve Family Tree chart many years ago it was a real blessing.  I have pasted the chart on a standard piece of cardboard 36” by 48”.  It is called “Project Pro Display Board.”  The chart is pasted in the center and both ends fold over the chart for transporting to Bible studies etc.  It stores nicely almost anywhere in the house.”

K. Dunlap

Lancaster, Pennsylvania


August 12, 2004

“Dear Brethren in Christ:

Greetings in Jesus’ Wonderful name.  Thank you so much for sending to me the Adam & Eve Family Tree study guide along with the large chart.  It was very kind of Dr. Charles Eisenberg to order this for me, and it was a surprise.

This is a very indepth study and I know that the brothers in my church will make good use of it.  God is touching lives and saving souls even behind prison walls.  For He is not willing that any should perish, be they inside or outside of prison, but that all should come to repentance.

God bless you, and I ask our Lord Jesus to fill your hearts with more of His love and grace than ever before.

Yours in Christ,”

David Berkowitz

The notorious murderer also known as “Son of Sam”

Prison: Sullivan Correctional Facility

Fallsburg, New York


May 8, 1997

“The Books of the Bible posters are wonderful tools for learning the order of the Scriptures.  I am especially grateful for the poster which illustrates Jesus’ family tree.  We are in the process of having this poster framed to hang in my office so that I can reference it frequently.  This is a great learning tool for people of all ages.

My wife, Susy, is home-schooling our six children.  We are always interested in finding new tools to use in teaching them about the Bible as well as all other areas from a Biblical perspective.  It is a blessing to have companies like yours who are providing the tools that are helpful in accomplishing this.

We appreciate your dedication to providing learning tools to help others become more familiar with God’s Word.  God bless you as you serve Him in this special way.”

P. Downer


Christian Business Men’s Committee of USA

Chattanooga, Tennessee


April 7, 1984

“I just wanted to get a short word of encouragement off to you at the same time that I’m ordering one of your Adam and Eve Family Tree charts.  I first saw a copy of it in my pastor’s office here in Annapolis, Maryland.  Then one of my close brothers in the Lord here at the Naval Academy received one in the mail.

The more I poured over their two copies, the more I began to realize that this chart was something that the Lord was making available to His people to allow them to get to know Him even better.

Thanks again for your loving work!”

M. Robinson

Annapolis, Maryland


March 17, 1981

“I so appreciated your thoughtful note thanking me for my quantity order, that I thought I would write you about my story of the Adam and Eve Family Tree.

In January 1978 I took a genealogy class at my local heritage society.  The first night the speaker had on display your Family Tree, but I had to leave before I could examine it closely or find out where to get one.

For the next two years I begged the Heritage Society director to ask the speaker about that chart but she never got around to it.  Then – to my great delight – your story about the chart was printed in the November 1980 Guideposts.  I sent off a postcard for ordering information the next day!

Our church started last fall a Bible class using the Bethel Series.  After I had ordered and received my own chart, I took it to our Bethel classes because I had found mine so useful and interesting.

As you said in the Guideposts – the chart certainly makes the “begats” more interesting.  I am looking forward to growing in the Lord, with the help of our Bethel classes and, of course, the use of your chart.”

F. McNees

Langley Air Force Base

Langley, Virginia


March 10, 1981

In Appreciation

“Your three laminated charts arrived today.  One of the charts I have already delivered to the Rectory of St. Agnes Church so that it will be available, today, for the afternoon Bible study class and our class tomorrow night.  The second chart will be given to the LaFarge Lifelong Learning Institute.  The nuns at the St. Joseph’s Convent have turned their convent into a school for Senior Citizens.  The third chart will be reserved for Father Joseph N. Perry.  This young priest was our Bible Study Group guide to the Holy Land and Rome in 1975.”

B. Muehlbach

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


November 19, 1980

“Thank you for doing something for God and His people that will help us all understand His word a little better.  Not to mention His family.”

R. E. Probasco

St. Luke’s United Methodist Church


East Kokomo, Indiana


November 14, 1980

“I just finished reading your article “The Adam and Eve Family Tree” in the November issue of Guidepost.  It was a wonderfully inspiring piece of work.  I must say that I admire your faith in God.  It is too bad more people do not have faith like you.

Being in the Air Force and overseas I am no longer able to worship in my home church with my family and friends who I have worshipped with almost all my life.  You really don’t know what you have until you no longer have it.  I would like to show my appreciation to the members of my church back home.  I think your family tree would be a helpful and inspiring tool in their Bible classes and personal devotions.

I hope that you prosper greatly from your guidance that you receive from your heavenly partner.”

R. L. Enfield, Jr.


Office of the Installation Chaplain


February 21, 1978

“I saw the 700 Club today and you were on.  Your work is an answer to my prayers because I get so confused by the names.  I thought one day “Please, Lord help me study this!”

Praise God!  Please send me a copy of the chart of names.”

C. Havrilla

Baltimore, Maryland


February 13, 1978

“I was so pleased to see you again on the 700 Club.  And also to hear that your chart is available to use in our weekly Bible Study.  We hope they will be available at a future time so that we can give them as gifts.  We think these will be such a help to our pastor, friends, and others to use in their studies.

Thank you for the great contribution you have made to our Christian World.”

B. Daves

Langley Air Force Base

Langley, Virginia

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